Interrelationship between planning measures and physical changes in the Rama IX district


  • Suwadee Hansasooksin
  • Pornpan Panitchakarn


planning measures, physical changes, land use, land development, Rama IX district


This paper reviews the enforcement of planning measures and examines physical development of the Rama IX districts in three aspects: land use, building use, and building density. The comparison of such physical changes are monitored through these periods: Year 2003 (after the implementation of the Ministerial Regulation Year 1992 and 1999), Year 2009 (after the implementation of the Ministerial Regulation 2006), and Year 2015 (after the implementation of the Ministerial Regulation 2013 and the draft of Ministerial Regulation). The study shows that planning measures are comprised of 5 major principles: land use control, density control, building control, density increasing, and special exception measures. Planning measures that highly affect the physical changes of the Rama IX district consist of land use control and density control. Land use control measure has made the district a high-density residential and commercial zone. While, density control through Floor Area Ratio, particularly the bonus, and Open Space Ratio has encouraged building development. Most of the buildings around Bangkok underground train knoes as Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) have received such a bonus because of the provision of open space for public benefits. Thus, Bangkok Comprehensive Plans need to review other conditions and add other measures to propose more intensive development guidelines, supporting the characterisitcs of new central business district.


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