Stakeholder participation in transit-oriented development (TOD): a case study of Rayong Municipality


  • สุภาพร แก้วกอ เลี่ยวไพโรจน์ Faculty of Achitecture, Kasetsart University
  • ธนภณ พันธเสน


transit-oriented development (TOD), smart growth, hands-on public workshop, stakeholder participation, sustainable transportation


This research objectives are to study (1) building participation at collaboration level in development of public transit system project in Rayong Municipality, as stakeholder participation is a key factor in the concept of transit-oriented development (TOD), (2) experimenting hands-on public workshops in process of public participation in urban development and (3) results from the hands-on public workshops in terms of mass transit station area development and level of participation. Research results shown that the building participation at collaboration level was succeeded. There were many stakeholders participated in the project at the beginning. They actively shared ideas, worked, and made decisions together to reach consensus and negotiated to get best results. Lessons learned from experimenting the hands-on public workshops were inappropriate meeting time and uncertainty of project implementation that cause absent of some stakeholders. However, good relationship with the stakeholders and trust was a key factor that help to created the TOD conceptual plan according to smart growth concept and stakeholders’ preferences.


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