Local wisdom management in communities in Thailand


  • Aumpika Amloy Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University


management, local wisdom, communities, Thailand


This article is a review article focusing on investigating and assessing the status of academic works on the study of local handicraft wisdom management of communities in Thailand. Through selected academic works as a sample published during 2000 – 2020, 28 items which searched the database of thesis and researches of Thailand, such as Thai digital collection, Thai journals online, National research council of Thailand and Thailand science research and innovation. Then the data is analyzed by considering the elements and concepts and theories. The data was analyzed in descriptive from, diagrams and tables to summarize the essence of various issues that exhibit the status of academic work in the past. The results of the study showed that the sample selected into four groups according to the purpose of the study, namely group 1: a study of conditions, problems, obstacles, and factors related to community management to propose solutions and develop, group 2: the study of characteristics, patterns, and processes in community management to create an understanding of the study issues, group 3: the study of processes related to the participation of members in the management of the community to propose solutions and develop, and group 4 the study of community management adaptation under the context of change to propose development guidelines that are consistent with the policy and related development plans. As for the future study, there are trends that the direction of the study will evolve to be more diverse, modern, and suitable for the study area. It is significanto pay attention to the participation of people in the community, which is not the only collection of local wisdom information but includes a detailed consideration of the various processes involved.


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