Developing devices for handrail installation and dimensions of handrail installation in local materials


  • ปิยเดช อัครโพธิวงศ์ Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University


handrail, substituted materials, elderly, local material, universal design


This research aims to develop a tool for scaling handrail and using substituted local materials as well as study the local materials that can be used for handrail materials by having hypothesis that the installment standard of handrail may differ in individual person. The difference may come from the physical differences of each person as well as the
difference in handrail materials may cause different in installation scaling. The scaling tool that developed in this research can be the appropriate dimension of elderly in actual sites. As well as this tool can apply for testing the relationship between the substituted materials in handrail and actual installation dimension whether the actual dimension relates with standard dimension. This research has developed the scaling tools as described and testing in actual site. It was found out that the tools can be installed conveniently. The testing of the relationship between materials and dimension of handrail found out that the materials affect the dimension in elderly in Bangkok. The research found that in average of 61 - 70 years old, the elderly satisfied at 75 centimeters which higher that standard at 65 - 70 centimeters. The conclusion of this research points out that the tool for scaling dimension handrail is necessary due to the elderly in different places might satisfy in different of installation dimension. This tool can help to find a suitable dimension for handrail installation of each elderly. Also, the different of handrail’s materials might affect to installation dimension. In some areas the standard material such as stainless handrail might be difficult to find and apply substituted materials instead such as PVC tube, bamboo, or steel tube which are cheap and easy to find. In this situation the tool for scaling dimension of handrail might be necessary and it can improve the satisfaction and confidence of elderly in using substituted materials handrail.

Author Biography

ปิยเดช อัครโพธิวงศ์, Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University

Faculty of Architecture


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