A Communication Process of Network Affiliates between Public and Private Sectors for Enhancing the Thai Elderly’s Well-Being through Digital Application

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Thunyawan Kaeochada
Patchanee Cheyjunya


The research aims to analyze a communication process and develop appropriate communication guidelines for network affiliates between public and private sectors towards empowering the Thai elderly towards well-being through a digital application. The research is a qualitative study conducted by documentary analysis from online and personal information. The findings are as follows: 1) In terms of internal and public communication processes of network affiliates, network affiliates conducted strategic plans related to senders, message, and communication channels as key communication factors in mobilizing the elderly towards cognitive, attitudinal, and behavioural changes in using digital technologies for their health care. However, they found some limitations in public relations to all areas, which obstructed the creation of the elderly's perception of their health care through a digital application. 2) Appropriate communication guidelines were developed based on four communication elements: 2.1) Sender: communication and public relations skills need to be developed, 2.2) message: the more logical and emotional message should be presented, 2.3) communication channels: media exposure potential of receivers should be analyzed, and 2.4) receivers: target audience should be studied for choosing content and channels to respond to their interest and need. 


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