Improvisation of Ranad - Ek Tayaeklongyon Suit in Case Notation of Thaisong

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This research aims to analyze the melody structure of the drum drum. Analyze the progress of melodic melody in a drum melody. A case study of Thai musical notes as a universal note. The board of auditors and the recording of Thai musical notes are the universal notes. The analysis is based on the main melody, along with the musical elements. The study is divided into the following topics. 1.Mode 2.Rhythm 3.Style 4.Melodic contour

The research found that tayeaklongyon seven part in the type of song. And this song is the first and the oldest type of pleng tayae. It's an ancient song It is also the origin of many other types of thaisong, filled with similar melodies. Or repeatedly several times. It is a song that gives the performer an opportunity to show an uncanny ability to create a variety of melodies. The melodic melody of this song is unique in that it challenges the dagger's ability to bind poetry. The melody may not perform the main melody throughout the paragraph, which in each verse has a melody that repeats several times. Can be summarized the essence of the song on the drum drums are as follows.

  1. Performing a lyrical poem It is characterized by the use of neat notes, which avoids crossing over 5 sounds. The movement of the note is arranged in pairs. 2 pairs 3 and 4 pairs.

  2. The melody is laid out touching the melody.

  3. Touch-tone operation Or one room at a time.

  4. The melody is a set by set.

  The player must use the knowledge that can play a versatile verse. This will reflect the landscape and how to perform the specific melody of the alpine. It can reflect the ability. The skill and ingenuity of the performers.


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