Music Composition : “Toddy Palm of Phetchburi” Suite

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Prachya Siausk
Bussakorn Binson


The aim of this research is to study toddy palm jaggery making process which is the inspiration of Tan Mueang Phetch, the musical composition created in this research project. The researcher has conducted a fieldwork studying toddy palm jaggery making methods at Uncle Thanom Phu-ngoen’stoddy palm plantation, an important center of Phetchburi province in promoting local wisdom on toddy palm production. From this, it has been carried out both qualitative and creative research.

Tan Mueang Phetch is inspired by the five steps to producing toddy palm jaggery: phat tan (climbing to the top), nuat tan (tapping inflorescence), pat tan (slicing off inflorescence), rong tan (collecting oozing out sap) and khiao tan (simmering the palm sap)

Without having as a reference any Thai traditional song structure, the musical work, accompanied by a slide presentation of visual images, is performedby Piphat Mai Nuam ensemble, Thai classical music ensemble in which percussion mallets are wrapped in soft material giving the instruments a warmer sound.

The researcher has gathered knowledge including those in other disciplines, intending to advance understanding on music performance as well as to preserve cultural heritage and local wisdom of Phetchburi province.


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