A Reflection of Thai Royal Air Force Band Development Adapted.

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      A reflection study on the changes in the development of Thai Royal Air Force Band The researcher has two objectives: 1) to study the changes in the development of the Thai Royal Air Force Band. 2) To study the Western band and the major songs of the Thai Royal Air Force Band. In 1937, The air force was formed.

      Later, the government wanted to communicate with the people. At that time, there was a music teacher Peter Feit  to teach music. There are 3 bands in the orchestra: 1) Military Band 2) Big Band 3) Orchestra The style of music is divided into 2 types: 1) The band used to parade. 2) Band playing the band. The role of the band is divided into 3 aspects: 1) music for military ritual; 2) royal music; 3) music for entertainment; The study song is Thai national anthem by the composer from the Peter Fite. The distinctive technique is the use of Dynamic Sig to create a melody to emphasize the concept of classical music. Which is not very much in the music aroused.


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