Compare Research of Sam Nai Shrine and RongKueak Shrine




six shrine of The Hakka Association; SamNai Shrine, Hangwang (RongKueak) Shrine



The Hakkas Association of Thailand has jurisdiction over six shrines, Guandi Shrine, BentouGong Shrine, Hanwang (Rongkueak)Shrine, SamNai Shrine, LuTi Shrine and Nan- haiGuanyin Shrine. In 2008, due to economic problems such as the repairs of the LuTi Shrine, some of the Prime Ministers headed by Lin Rubao established the “LuTi Shrine Char- ity Committee” and registered this Shrine by registering with the Thai government. Departed from the TheHakkas Association. At present, although the LuTi Shrine has been taken over by the LuTi Shrine Charity Committee for more than ten years, it is still owned and managed by the Thai Hakkas people. Among them, SamNai Shrine and Hanwang (RongKueak) Shrine are more unique. They are not only one in the whole of Thailand, but also belong to the Thai Hakka. And also belong to the same area. So they are important reference materials for ex- ploring the Hakka people, especially the Hakka beliefs and ethnic identity in the Bangkok area , and also the historical basis for analyzing the regional characteristics of the early Hak- ka people immigrants in Thailand.





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