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Suvijak Na Bangchang
Ajcharaporn Piumsomboon


This research aims to study about coastal channel dredging in Thailand and compare with London Protocol 1996 which is International Maritime Organization had enforced since 2006 for restrictive dumping or incineration of  material in sea except having permit to ensure that the dredging of Thailand is standard and eco-friendly. For Thailand, the coastal channel is dredged by the Marine Department every year. The channel dredging involves the major steps about dredging the channel and transporting the dredging material. Both steps have potential to impact on human health and marine environment. The London Protocol 1996, in Annex I, has determined that dredging materials need to estimate before dumping and not effect to human health and marine environment. In Annex II has suggested the practice to estimate material before dumping with 8 steps. Thailand had joined International Maritime Organization since 1973 but not a part of London protocol 1996 yet, the study indicated that Thailand suppose to join London Protocol 1996 and take the 8 steps for coastal channel dredging to decrease or prevent the risk and made Thailand to be sustainable

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Na Bangchang , S., & Piumsomboon, A. (2022). BEST PRACTICE OF COASTAL CHANNEL DREDGING IN THAILAND. Journal of Graduate School of Commerce-Burapha Review, 17(1), 47–61. Retrieved from