Buddhist Peaceful Means to Reduce Social Conflicts.


  • Narongsak Buaon Lecturer from the Faculty of Social Sciences Chaiyaphum Buddhist College Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University


Peace, Principle, Conflict


This academic article Want to describe Buddhist peace principles to reduce conflicts that arise in society. However, in every society there is always change. Both in material aspects, attitudes, as well as ideals. Throughout the change of the world such as changes in technology, culture, values, etc. Therefore, human beings have to adapt. To learn and understand the changes that have occurred under those changes it is inevitable that different concepts will be met. Attitudes arising in individuals that cannot escape conflict under such natural change, so if humans have an understanding of the change, it will lead to learning and understanding of conflict as well. However, when conflicts arise both for individuals and society the important solution to the problem according to the Buddhist perspective is Human beings should adhere to guidelines in the middle way, not too tight, not too slack when encountering a conflict, you can adjust to the situation that arises. Buddhism therefore focuses on resolving conflicts through peaceful means. Which will make individuals and society will create love and unity, which will eventually lead to the reduction of conflicts.