Delphi Research to finding the Principle, Criteria and Indicator for Marketing Efficiency of Provincial Welfare Store.


  • Pasakorn Watanapruk Manufacturing Operational Excellence Specialist Thaioil public company limited


Delphi Research, Marketing Efficiency, Provincial Welfare Store.


The purposes of this study were 1. To finding principles, criteria and indicators marketing efficiency of provincial welfare store. And 2. To finding consensus on principles, criteria, and indicators of marketing efficiency of provincial welfare stores. This research was used mixed methods.the qualitative research with semi-structured in-depth interviews to review the preliminary data marketing efficiency of provincial welfare store. And quantitative with the real-time Delphi technique 3 round. The research tools were open-end questionnaires, with a total of 12 subjects based on the minimum number of participants for in-depth interviews. From 3 groups of informants. There are government officials who are involved in the provincial welfare store, Provincial Welfare Store owners, provincial welfare card holders. And questionnaires using for Delphi technique with a total of 18 subjects from 4 groups experts. To represent the criteria for determining the size of an expert group. There are executives group from government organizations manage and working for provincial welfare stores. Expert group of teaching in university level. Leaders off marketing experts. Provincial welfare store owners. Total of 30 people purposive sampling selection. Data collected from in-depth interviews were analyzed by content analysis and data from Delphi technic questionnaires were analyzed to consensus by roughest theory The result are 1) the marketing efficiency of provincial welfare store including 5 principles, 13 criteria and 22 indicators. 2) The Lower approximation (QL) consensus values from expert all principle, criteria and all indicators are more than 0.75. There are passed of thrum rout of roughest theory.