An analytical study of the meditation Centre in Singburi province.

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Phra Phoom Phoorijitto (Muangkhwan) , Sirirote namsena, Samart Sukhuprakan


This Research Article study “An analycical study of the meditation centre in Singburi Province” has three objectives: 1) to study Vipassana teaching in the Theravada Buddhist scriptures 2) to study the concept and method of Vipassana teaching in Singburi Province 3) To analyze the Vipassana teaching of the Dharma practice office in Singburi Province. This research is a qualitative research for studying.Teaching Vipassana the foundation of the Dharma Practice Office in Singburi Province. The research results found that : 1) teaching Vipassana in the Theravada Buddhist scriptures is teaching. As seen in the noun form, the trilogy is vanity, all imprisonment, and the natta that occurs through the six emotions. It is the location of the mind's work, mental training, mental development, intellectual development, and practical wisdom training to understand things in reality, to be pure from passions and to solve problems with wisdom  2) concepts and methods of teaching philosophy.The worship of the Dharma Practice Office in Singburi Province is the concept of the Vipassana practice of Sai Phong Mueang, Yub Mueang. Focus on Guyanupassanasti, Patthana Anapanabababap (Lai-lom) or the element of Baphap, Iriyabababababap, and the consciousness of the body is to define the breath with the service "Pongmah Yubam". There is a period of walking training. 6 stages and define various sub-perceptions throughout the course of practice. The practitioners in the form of pongyub should have the discipline of character and common character to be the mood of Vipassana and consciousness, both physical and mental, so it will be regarded as practicing the basic consciousness.Gco  And 3) Analysis of the Vipassana teaching of the Institute of Dharma in Singburi Province is a short- and long-term teaching of Vipassana. Use the curriculum according to the 4th Pritapatana, which has collapsed into the base. Use real consciousness to determine both the sub-Iraya and the main role of Vipassana content according to the 4 principles.Teach practitioners to have the power to balance the organization, including: Atapi - Stima - Sampatchachano, teaching Vipisana, the content of how to practice Vipassana. There are 3 standing and 6 walking stages in total. Determining meditation to sit in a single-class meditation or sit in a double-class meditation or sit in a triple-level meditation. Sit down straight with your eyes closed. Bring your consciousness to your stomach. When you breathe out, focus on your mind, live with the present. Until you know the change in the name according to the rule of the trilogy, teaching method of qualification.Mathana is a Vipassana instructor at the Dharma Practice Office in Singburi Province. Graduated from Mahachulalong University, Ph.D. from Maha Chulalongkorn University Karnarat Wittayalai Ba Suksa Phutthakos is a Vipassana teacher in Singburi Province. The Vipassana teaching method and activities for Vipassana training is that the teacher and the grace of the Lord will educate after the practice of the Vipassana. The Vipassana must walk correctly - sit down and not lose consciousness according to the present. The method of teaching antisemitism to report the results of that correctional practice on the basis of reporting. The practice of the Dharma Practice Office of Singburi Province reported to the National Buddhist Office of Singburi Province.

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