Administration of Child Development Centers of Local Administrative Organizations

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Child Development Center It is considered an educational establishment under the National Education Act, B.E. To provide child development centers in the responsibility of local government organizations It is an educational institution with quality and standards capable of providing services to the community. Provide comprehensive education for preschool children aged 2-5 years. and is a quality resource according to the authority and the will of the government By the Department of Local Administration, there has been a standard for the implementation of child development centers of local government organizations. as a guideline for local administrative organizations to follow in operating the Child Development Center To have standards and quality in the same way The standard is divided into 6 areas. They are 1. Management of the Child Development Center 2. Personnel 3. Building, Premise, Environment and Safety 4. Academic and curriculum activities 5. Participation and promote support 6. Promotion of early childhood development network.


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