Teaching the Internet Generation

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Zachary Kert Laan



The advance of technology has opened the door to new ways of learning. Thai teenagers can watch a video of American teenagers on the popular website You Tube and connect with others around the globe. They use cell phones, blogs, live internet chat and communicate through personal websites such as Hi-5 or Facebook. Teaching from traditional textbooks does not keep this generation engaged or motivate them to learn. New teaching approaches are needed. This paper explores how simply modernizing everyday lessons, activities and student projects increases student motivation, engagement and performance.

Creating a vocabulary and listening activity based on the popular rock group Linkin Park had surprisingly good results. Students listened to a song by the group and filled in vocabulary blanks that were left in the lyrics. The meaning of each word was discussed as a follow up. The interesting thing about this activity was that the students, not the teachers, wanted to expand the lesson. They started asking about the meaning of certain phrases and the overall message of the song. Engaging the students’ interest allowed the lesson to grow and expand naturally from its original intention. Learning became fun and interesting.

A simple twist on a normal vocabulary lesson created a dynamic, positive and fun classroom environment with all students focused and ready to learn. This environment can be created every time by preparing material that relates to this new generation of students. The world has changed and it is time for the education system to follow suit.

Keywords : Internet, Creative, Technology, Modern

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