Equanimity: A Way of Living for Peace Equanimity: A Way of Living for Peace

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Suwaphat Chinkuntod
Phramaha Wichian Krairerksil
Chetniphat Phithiyanuwat


Some persons who interested in studying in Ubekkha or an equanimity could take the general information to review some ideas for understanding and directing to interpretation explanations and explaining the meaning or messages through creativity, adaptation, cooperation and self-seeking so that their mind realizes and understands all things with wisdom or knowledge and it is steadfast, stable, and goes towards the ultimate goal of life. Therefore, the equanimity is carried out with wisdom in the level of human life.

Guidelines for teaching, learning and training would be applied according to the teaching, instructing, and training process at the level of both moral training and various Vipassana or insight practice to develop the quality of life at the intellectual level, which were acted for others. This was the type of dhammadana or wisdom-giving. In order to help them interest this new knowledge of the equanimity, study and review back and fro until they opened their own mind. Then they could adjust the paradigm, which is self-improvement process to improve their own quality of life and change the old view into the right view.

When they had practiced effectively, they will have responsibility for that practice, the power to cooperate in preserving all things as they are. They could make the equanimity perfect with one principles that will support and protect the Buddhism. These are the good and useful things that were propagated, including the dhamma practice with collaboration. All of principle causes of multiple choices to live together with peace, happiness and value. Then they encouraged to find and to attain teaching of Buddhism by making their own life beautiful to leave the home into the ordination life, drilling and being careful with mindfulness or peaceful mind, including the development of meditation to attain the equanimity so that they could concentrate and consider to insight the noble truth and step on the Nibbana.

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Chinkuntod, S., Krairerksil, P. W., & Phithiyanuwat, C. (2022). Equanimity: A Way of Living for Peace: Equanimity: A Way of Living for Peace. Journal of MCU Buddhasothorn Review, 2(2), 172–184. Retrieved from https://so02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/JMBR_sothorn/article/view/259710
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