Buddhist Nationalism and National Security in Thailand

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Phramaha Kritthanin Detchakbodin


In history of Thailand, the kings have been trying to strengthen country by using the concept of Buddhism. Nation become stronger and united until now because of Buddhism. Buddhism has been very useful in harmony and stabilize people into the state of good citizenship. The relationship between state and Buddhism cannot be separated. This situation is regarded as the security of nation.

For the present time, there are many challenges and tensions happening against the national security and Buddhism.  If country want to be remaining strong and united, it is necessary to develop the concept of Buddhist nationalism. Under the mixing of liberal and conservative nationalism, this concept is believed to solve the problem and remove tensions from the country. Buddhism makes country more peaceful and strong. There is no other options to be better than this concept.

From now on, there are many problems waiting for Buddhist monks and people to find solution for the benefit and happiness of country. In positive aspect, Buddhist nationalism will be used to solve the problems inside community and country and at the same time, it will be used to protect national security and remove tensions effectively. Finally this concept will not harm anyone who think differently, in contrast it will call back the stronger nation.  When nation turn to strong security, Buddhism will be remaining peaceful and useful for sake of the state forever.

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