Charity building for the development of a society of awakening.

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Kronkanok Srisuwan
phurithat Sri-aram


          This academic article has the objectives To study the charity creation for the development of the awakening society according to Mahayana Buddhism.

          The results of the study revealed The Sukhavati sect has the principles of charity, gratitude, etc. Wisdom from learning the sutra and determination in charity brightens the mind in the last moments to be born in Sukhavadi, Buddhism, Agriculture according to the viewpoint of the Sukhavati sect. The guidelines for the creation of charity for the development of the awakening society are as follows: 1) Gratitude, nurturing benefactors and compassionate to the world 2) Keeping the five precepts, Buddhist temples and charity 10 3) Faith in the jewels and believe in Law of Karma 4) perform acts of virtue 6 according to the Bodhisattva's guidelines 5) learn Clarify the principles 6) Be honest and pray, pay attention to good deeds 7) Be careful. Do good to be ready, have a clear mind, and not be sad in the last days of life.

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Srisuwan, K., & Sri-aram, phurithat. (2022). Charity building for the development of a society of awakening. Journal of MCU Buddhasothorn Review, 2(1), 40–52. Retrieved from
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