Life philosophy with a new way of life

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โอภาสสราธิคุณ โหมดศิริ
Chetniphat Phithiyanuwat
Wuttichai Umbamroong


The article on Life philosophy with a new way of life is an academic article that explains the philosophy of self through Jacques Lacan’s self-concept, in order to better understand one's self. This led to 5 concepts of life in the viewpoint of life philosophy, namely Utilitarianism, Hedonism, Non-Hedonism, humanism, and artistries, which requires an attitude towards living a new way of life that has promoted the normalization of certain prohibitions causing social distancing, maintaining the health of oneself and others. Humans will have a new lifestyle emphasis on technology and the Internet, requiring to create balance in life to be happy in society based on humanism that accepts diversity and differences in ideas, beliefs, and cultural inheritance. The behavior is different according to society, culture, politics and economy with the foundation of different ideas like this. Therefore, people have different ways of life and life outcomes, according to their own thoughts or worldviews. But the coexistence of human beings in this world is not just for survival or just the light of happiness, according to the philosophy that they hold, but human beings must unite in the governance of the world for their well-being and happiness together.

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โหมดศิริ โ., Phithiyanuwat, C., & Umbamroong, W. (2021). Life philosophy with a new way of life. Journal of MCU Buddhasothorn Review, 1(2), 108–124. Retrieved from
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