• khemmaya kiniman คณะศึกษาศาสตร์ มหาวิทยาลัยบูรพา
  • Paratchanun Charoenarpornwattana
  • Bin Xue Xie
Keywords: online business, Wechat, Kunming customer


The study of online business utilization through WeChat of consumers in Kunming aimed at finding out the reasons why consumers in Kunming used WeChat for online business activities; study of the relationship between personal factors and WeChat usage behaviors; and the reasons why WeChat was necessary to be used for online business activities. A quantitative research approach was used and a questionnaire survey research was selected for this research. The sample group in this study was composed of 400 people in Kunming city. The data obtained from the survey were statistical analyzed. The findings of the first research objective revealed that, the top three of the reasons why consumers in Kunming used WeChat for online business activities, namely payment system, logistic system and price. For the payment system, the fact that WeChat payment system using QR Code scanning system instead of cash was considered advantageous to the business because it could save time and ensure payment system efficiency, security and convenience. Perfect logistics system enabled the consumers to purchase the products from any place; the system allowed the consumers to select their preferred delivery companies; and effective and convenient goods delivery service could help raise chances of sellers’ success in the online business via WeChat. As for pricing, the consumers preferred to negotiate with the sellers to obtain a lower price. Furthermore, the cheaper price and special offer were advantageous to their selling activities. The findings of the second research objective indicated that, there was a relationship between the personal factors including gender, age, education & income and online shopping behavior. The significant relationship between personal factors, namely education and income, and monthly expenses for shopping online was found in this study. Age and differences in income level had an impact on overall opinion and each aspect of consumers’ opinion why they should use WeChat.


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