A Preparation of The education Development model used for Teachers and education Personnel in Higher education to Support The Policy “THailand 4.0”

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Atchima Supachariyawat
Taksaya Sangayotin
Agapol Na Songkhla2 Na Songkhla


The main purpose of this research was to prepare the education development model used for teachers and education personnel in higher education to support the policy “Thailand 4.0”. The researcher has employed Qualitative Research Methodology and collected the data by conducting in-depth interviews with distinguished instructors and university officers in business administration department. The data analysis has been emphasized in content analysis by studying human resource management in educational system in Thailand. There are three approaches found, which are formal, informal, and semi-formal respectively. These approaches are to be consistent with four dimensions in educational management, which are Economic Stability, Environment Protection, Well-being Society, and Individual Knowledge Enhancement. The results show some significant points towards Personnel Enhancement in complying with Balanced Development towards four-dimensional Thailand 4.0 policy as follows: 1) Economic Stability needs to emphasize on Workshops in enhancing necessary skills, Field trips to learn about new technology and innovation, Study about economic status to adapt into the current situation, and Research Support on interested field of study. 2) Environment Protection needs to emphasize on seminars about housing and environment development. enhance some ways to learn how to adapt in a real world. 3) Well-being life quality needs to emphasize on the cooperation between locals and institutions and the recognition in morals and work ethnics of their career. 4) Individual Knowledge Transfer should highlight the development in techniques used in teaching and learning materials following Thailand 4.0 policy, online lessons, computer and laboratory learning, English language and any other foreign languages, and educators development skills


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