Countering Marginalization: The Becoming of LGBTQ Net-Idols.


  • Jariya Tanadkha Master Student of Political Science Politics and Government Mahasarakham University


Marginalized, Net-Idols, LGBTQ


This research consists purposes to study the becoming of Net-idols of marginalized LGBTQ groups. The tools used in the study were an in- depth interview and semi-structured interviews. The participants in this study are 5 LGBTQ Net-idols and 2) 5 Net-Idols followers. The data were analyzed by using the content analysis  The results of the study found that 1) the becoming of a marginalized group of LGBTQ can be caused by: 1.1) the rules, regulations, and norms in public and private institutions or organizations 1.2) the unclear and unstable laws or policies that protect the rights of LGBTQ group 1.3) the discourse which is defined by the society that only male and female are the main gender identities 1.4) a repeated discourse that emphasizes being a marginalized group by labeling and categorizing 1.5) the judgment of the society that LGBTQ group is distinct; therefore, it is hard to reveal their identities. 2) The becoming of Net-Idols of marginalized LGBTQ groups can be caused by: 2.1) building up themselves as a new identity in social media by using cultural resources as a symbol to express their identities 2.2) creating ideas to reflect themselves and collective identity 2.3) fighting against marginalized status by demonstrating their potential and quality work  2.4) providing themselves social spaces by using social media 2.5) consuming and using different types of social media with different strengths and attractiveness as a consumer choice 2.6) conserving and improving their characteristics to increase and maintain their popularity continuously.