Factors which affect to members of Sajjasasomzub Group of Baan Chatpa Wai Ratchaburi.


  • Prasert Daengphai Lecturer from the Faculty School of Law Sripatum University


Group of people, people network, Sajjasasomzub group


The purposes of this study were to 1. study individual decision that affects membership of Sajjasasomsub group, Baan chat pawai, Ratchaburi province and 2. investigate individual decision that affects resignation from membership of Sajjasasomsub group, Baan chat pawai, Ratchaburi province. It is a qualitative research. There was a research tool, namely an interview form, and the target group consisted of 12 people who came from a specific selection. and then use the information gathered from various related documents and interview form to analyze the content The results showed that 1) Personal factors affecting the decision to become a member of Ban Chat Pa Wai Truth Group Ratchaburi Province consists of 1.1) Confidence in the Board of Directors The committee is a group of people who sacrifice and are entrusted by their members to carry out service activities. 1.2) Confidence for success and stability. The government at that time had a policy to establish the Village and Urban Fund by supporting the village and urban community at 1 million baht per fund. 1.3) Confidence in the return. because it is an important factor for people in all sectors from the past to the present and 1.4) closeness having domicile in the same village, and 2) personal factors affecting the decision to leave the membership of the Satcha Sasomsap Ban Chat Pa Wai group. Ratchaburi Province consists of 2.1) the ability to return borrowing money The most important factors affecting the decision to leave the group and 2.2) management methods include (1) communication and listening and (2) the age and occupation of the members.