• Aphilak Kasempholkoon


The manuscript must include the following components:

  1. Title: An article title must be supplied both in Thai and in English languages using precise words relevant to objectives of the articles. 
  2. Author Name(s): Only name and sur names are required. If the authors are Thai, Thai and English languages are required.
  3. Institutional Affiliation: Author(s)’ full contact details including their institutional affiliations, department(s), postal address (city, province, and postal code), telephone numbers, and email address must be supplied.
  4. Abstract and Key Words: A structured abstract of a maximum of 250 words both in Thai and English languages are required.  The Thai and English versions of the abstract must accurately reflect the same content of each other. The abstract of a research article must include a summary of the study with objectives, research methodology, and findings. Under the abstract, in the Keyword section, a list of no more than 5 keywords is needed.
  5. Details of the Text


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