Development Indicator Performance Necessary for high school social Studies Teacher

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This research aims to develop an indicator of performance necessary
for high school. Performance analysis and confirmatory factor analysis of social
studies teacher by the hypothetical model based on empirical data. The
samples used in this study was a high school social studies teacher in basic
education ministry of education 1,000 multi-use sampling. Instruments used in
research query performance is necessary for social studies teachers were as follow ;
estimation rating scale were 50 items with 5 level is much more moderate, less and
less possible. The discrimination is the verse from .367 to .783 and with confidence
equal to 0.975 leading questionnaire collected the check post completion of the
and lead to factor analysis survey. Analysis and confirmatory factor analysis.
The result were as follow :
Indicator of performance necessary for high school social studies teacher,
composed of five aspects of learning to evaluate the development of learners
the relationship between teachers and students. The social conscience teacher
by the elements with the weight of the descending sort element in the
development of the students .95 component relationships between teachers and
students 0.88, consciousness the social studies teacher 0.83, learning management
component 0.72, to evaluate the components 0.70.
The second confirmatory factor analysis check the consistency of the
harmonious social studies teacher performance model that the chi-square 0.563.22,
df to 532. The p-values was 0.17, which is not statistically significant at the
.05 level of integration index (GFI) of 0.96. The index measures the harmonious
adjustment then (AGFI) was 0.94, square root of the average quadratic of
waste in the form of standard score (SRMR) was 0.03, and the square root the
average quadratic deviation estimated (RMSEA) is 0.01, indicating that the
performance models are required for social studies teachers to created more
consistent with empirical data satisfactory.


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