An Analysis of causal Factors of Perception Self-sufficiency Economy of High School Students.

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ทรงศักดิ์ ภูสีอ่อน
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This research aims to investigate casual factors that influence high school
students’ perception of self-sufficiency economy. The research’s sample, which received
by means of Multi-stage Random Sampling, consists of 1,085 higher secondary education
students from educational service area 28. The devices designed to collect the data are
1) a perception of self-sufficiency economy and future-aiming aspects scale with item
discrimination of .23-.67 and .27 - .67respectively; 2) a survey on causal factors affecting
on students’ perception of self-sufficiency economy—parents, teachers, media. The
scale’s item discrimination are .20- .56, .32 -.67 and .47 - .67 respectively. In data analysis,
the researcher applies the approach of Path Analysis and Path Analysis with LISREL. The
research results reveal that:
1. The causal factors that influence the students’ are the students’ visions,
parents, teachers and media.
2.The model of causal factors affecting the students’ self-sufficiency economy
perception corresponds with empirical data, according to the chi-square value ( χ 2) of
85.36, df = 81, p = 0.35 , GFI = 0.990, AGFI = 0.985, RMR = 0.01 and R2 = 0.73. The
statistics prove that the variance of causal factors affecting self-sufficiency economy
perception of high school students is at 73 percent. The factors which influences directly
on the students’ perception are the students’ vision and media, whereas parents and
teachers have direct and indirect influences on the students’ perception of selfsufficiency economy. It is also found that the strongest influence is from teachers,
followed by the students’ vision, parents and media respectively.
In conclusion, these factors have great effects on high school students’ perception
of self-sufficiency economy and must be considered in students’ perception of self-
sufficiency economy promotion plans as the philosophy of self-sufficiency economy
should be applied to the students’ daily life in order to help them manage their life
happily and effectively among the stream of globalization.


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