Causal Factors Influencing to Adjustment of Undergraduate Students in the North-East.

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The purposes of this research were: 1) to develop and examining the straight
of a causal model that influence the adjustment of undergraduate students. 2) to
study the influencing of the variables; emotional quotient, adversity quotient,
motivation, self-concept, extrovert personality which influence for adjustment of
undergraduate students in the North-East. The sample drawn by multi-stage sampling
technique were one thousand three hundreds and fifty second year students studying
in the North-East government universities in the academic year 2011. The instruments
included an adjustment scale, an emotional quotient scale, an adversity quotient
scale, a motivation scale, a self-concept scale, an extrovert personality scale. The
reliability scores in each scale was .870, .822, .807, .922, .804 and .851 respectively.
Data were analyzed by Structural Equation Modeling with Latent variable.
The results of the study were as follows According to Chi-Square, the study
results indicated that the developed models related to the empirical data, =
200.779, df = 176, /df = 1.1407, p = 0.0971, CFI =.998, GFI = 0.984, AGFI = .972,
RMR = 0.017 และ RMSEA = .012 The direct variables which influence the dependent
variables were emotional quotient and adversity quotient . The indirect which
influenced the dependent variables were extrovert personality. The direct and indirect
variables were motivation and self-concept. . All variables could explain the 62.00
percentage of the variance of variable adjustment.


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