Any author who wishes to have the article reviewed by 3 experts (as required by the Announcement of the Civil Service Commission in Higher Education Institutions on Criteria and Procedures for Consideration of Appointing Persons to Positions of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor), needs to pay an additional fee of 1,000 baht for the third expert’s remuneration.

The Journal of Educational Measurement Mahasarakham University: JEM-MSU specifies that 2 experts are normally required to review an article, and one more expert is added in the case of nonunanimous resolution. Submission of an article for consideration in a normal situation needs no additional expense even if that article needs the third expert. However, when the third expert comes from the author’s need, the aforementioned additional fee needs to be paid.

If you wish to have 3 reviewers for your article, please notify the editor through “Message to editor” in the article submitting step.

The editorial department would like to apologize for inconveniences and would like to thank all of the authors for their interest in submitting their articles to The Journal of Educational Measurement Mahasarakham University: JEM-MSU.