Using Face Detection to Study Students’ Emotion in Classroom Teaching

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Thitiphong Raksarikorn
Wudhijaya Philuek
Seksan Srikase


The aim of this study was to investigate the students’ emotion and learning in their classroom by using Face Detection technique and to enhance teachers’ teaching and improve students’ emotion. One school was used as the target school which came from the selection by all staffs and Grade 7 to 9 students in this school agree to participate in this research. There were 3 teachers and 58 students (Grade 7 = 23 students, Grade 8 = 19 students, and Grade 9 = 16 students) participated as the experiment group. The camera were used for data collection. The frequency and Normalized confusion matrix were used to interpret the data. The results show that after 12 weeks of classroom teaching, students feel more “Happy” and the results of this will promote how to use students’ emotion in improve classroom teaching.


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Raksarikorn, T., Philuek, W., & Srikase, S. (2018). Using Face Detection to Study Students’ Emotion in Classroom Teaching. International Journal of Integrated Education and Development, 3(2), 29-37. Retrieved from
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