Designing Curriculum for Technical Degree Courses: a General Perspective

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Sukanta Kumar Naskar



Success of any Technical Education programs depends upon design, de­velopment and implementation of curriculum. In today's scenario the technology is changing so rapidly that half-life of several disciplines has dwindled down to just a few years. Mobility of engineering professionals across the national boundaries has changed the demand- supply perspective and this may eventu­ally force the curriculum designers to take a global view. Possession of relevant knowledge, creation of new knowledge, and the capacity for its application has become the prime concern for design and development of curriculum.

Expert survey predicts that the future engineers will be required to posses some essential soft skills along with content knowledge ร. skill and appropriate attitude. Designing a new curriculum needs also to focus at least some of the soft skills to enable the passouts to face challenge in the field.

Most of the institutions have adopted a generic approach in developing a curriculum by considering certain weight age for all types of courses Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), Basic Science, Engineering Science, Design, Computer, Laboratory, Project and Specialization courses.

This paper highlighted some essential considerations in designing and developing curricula in present day scenario, an overview to design and develop a curriculum in Indian context and also discussed some modern approaches already been implemented in designing curricula.

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